Weekly photo challenge – color

In some minutes sunset will start, everything is here, except the light

In some minutes sunset will start, everything is here, except the light

Norway was the last country in Europe to introduce color TV, not until 1972. Actually they removed the colors from bought productions for several years, while the politicians discussed the dangers of color. Finally we were ready for it, and my father had ordered a set. He told of us of the wonder of colors, how everything like Flipper and Skippy now would be in colors. My younger brother looked at him with a surprised look, are they not already?

Then suddenly, where did the color come from?

Then suddenly, where did the color come from?

Somebody then told him that only the most creative people dreamt in color. He looked at us as if we were truly strange creatures, “curiouser and curiouser” as Alice would have said. Don’t everybody do that? Well, we found the fact a bit weird too, as we all were dreaming in colors, and never actually had missed them from our series either. Neither did I miss them when I started using the dark room, there just was so much more to a picture than the colors! I still think that, even if I love colors, even when I crave colors, even as I fill my house with colors.

colors in the water

colors in the water

Then  again, as photography means drawing with light, an essential part is to understand light. As color can not exist without light, or rather that the light decides the character of the color ,the balance keeps challenging me.

Colors in the sky

Colors in the sky

To illustrate this I made a series of pictures taken during an hour, the same afternoon and the same angle. Before sunset, just as the sunset colors were emerging, and then some exaggerated details to show how different the same light is reflected differently from different surfaces. And then we are back to the beginning. We do see colors differently, that too is like reflections, it all depends on where we are standing.

And then...its gone

And then…its gone

By the way, my brother is an artist now, so perhaps he really saw something the rest of us did not?  You may decide for yourself :  http://www.trygveskogrand.com

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