Solveig’s happy trails

Indexyourlife Finse2Perhaps everyone should have their theme song? When you hear it, you know they are coming, and you could look forward to see them. Mine would be Happy trails,you know the one Dale Evans made for the show she and Roy Rogers made. The words are simple, and most songs are more profound than this one. But the melody is perfectly matched to my lungs and I feel very much myself when I am singing it, which I do, all the time. So when you see that  tag on this blog, you know I am going to share a piece of my day,  a glimpse of the diary I won’t have.

As you see from the picture, you sometimes have to search for the sunshine….but that will be what I will be sharing. It does not take much to find the clouds!

Not serious stuff, just some moments to remember and some pictures I’d love to share.


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