Weekly photo challenge: a day in my life

This is just what indexing and organizing and de-cluttering and getting a grip on life is all about, you have to understand this: life does not come in neat and tidy packages. How could you label your life and say: this, this is IT? Life, comes in heaps and  bundles. The thing with trying to get some order, is all about not letting details rule your life, so that you will have energy to handle, confront and enjoy whatever challenges, setbacks and possibilities you’ll encounter. To put it short, you can not go anywhere until you find your car keys, but knowing where your car keys is, won’t take you anywhere either.

I have been thinking about this on different levels for  quite a long time, and this photo challenge just got me started again. No matter what level I choose, something of my life will not be in it. Some instances, yesterday we spent hours trying to solve some software problems….we have nothing to show for that struggle. Except it did not make us especially happy, even then we went on an excursion to the court-house ( a wonderful storybook building) and to the art gallery. Do the pictures I took show my enchantment with the place or my impatience of not having solved my problem? Another instance, we did not see any of our children yesterday, still they are at the heart of everything I think, feel and do. And lastly, it was Good Friday yesterday, which is at the core of my beliefs, I did not go anywhere near a church though, so how could my pictures show it?

Even then, to me, every picture I take, is a reflection of my soul. Every image I share and every word I write is an invitation to listen to your soul, what do you think when you see this? How will we grow when we share our reflections? There then, the glory, and wonder of humankind, we are able to reach out to each other, to understand more, to love more, just form glimpses, just from tiny sparks and ideas. So – ten images from yesterday, from my day, what do you see?!


The place to eat is…


One of the things I never get around to organizing in a pleasing and nice way, is tips on good restaurants. I guess a well-organized person would have a wonderful book with neat clippings and entries, I just jot something on my ever-present index cards. The upside on that is that the advice is in my purse when I need it, sometimes. The best way is probably to do what my husband does, just check it out and go, as soon as possible.

coldsprings4His way of doing things makes some wonderful and surprising outings, as this  sunday trip to somewhere dubbed “the most Romantic Getaway”. We drove on steep mountain roads in the most stunning scenery up the Old Stage Coach road ( from Santa Barbara through the San Marco Pass) and arrived in time for lunch at the old Cold Spring Tavern.


To me, that name sums it up, what pure bliss it must have been to come to a place with abundant shadow and a cold mountain spring after toiling and sweating up the valley. The historians think this has been the preferred route through the mountains as long as people have lived in the Santa Inez and Santa Barbara valleys, which is around 10 000 years. The tavern has been there since 1865, I guess the hosts must have been just as nice and welcoming all the time as they are still in business?  While the food is traditional and plentiful, the reason to go is the atmosphere, the occasional live music and the friendly service.

solvang bridge

Leaving the tavern you see an interesting historical juxtaposition. The stage coach road was a major improvement when it was engineered, even so, the hills were as steep and the canyon as deep as before, until 1964, when the Cold Spring Canyon Arch Bridge was completed. The bridge  spans elegantly over the canyon as part of SR 154. A major engineering feat which has won awards for both engineering, design and beauty. It is a Historic Civil engineering Landmark. The technical term is a supported deck arch bridge, and it still is among the longest of its kind in the world. This information is on a plaque an the most beautiful viewpoint down the road. My  praise today goes to the American Society of Civil Engineers who makes these signs. I love to know this things, who made it, what is it, the longest, the best and so on, just when I am experiencing it. Thank You! And thanks to Wikimedia Commons for their picture of the Plaque. ( all other pictures by me, as always!)

Civil engineering Landmark

Living index – library saturday

entrance but not where you actually enter...

Entrance – but not where you actually enter…

Spring Break means going places, so as we were not going anywhere else, we went to have a look at  a beautiful place in our hometown, the Santa Barbara Public Library.  I love almost any library, everything is in order and at hand, and the more books I can borrow at the library the less books will fill my home ( in theory, that is).

Arched windows today

Arched windows today

The wonderful Spanish Revival building was completed in 1924, only to be severely damaged during the big earthquake in 1925. I just checked out old newspapers on that, they said books were falling out of their shelves at the library. Looking at pictures from the time, that must be the understatement of the year. Of course when the dust was settling the catastrophe was clear to everyone.

And this is the library after “some books fell out of the shelves”

Anyways, most of the books are back on rows upon rows of wooden shelves, free to be enjoyed, at the many reading tables or in the deep leather chairs around the enormous fireplace.

I wonder if the fireplace is lit in winter?

I wonder if the fireplace is lit in winter?

Most, but not all, there are a lot of book filled totes on the floor, why? That is the Book Club in a bag, how cool is that? The library packs a tote with 8-10 copies of the required book, reading notes and questions and extra information on the author, just collect and you are ready to host the next book club!


The library is not listed as a “must see” in Santa Barbara, perhaps because it is not enough to see it, it must be savored, in peace, with a good book. Even so, it is truly a see worthy building. And yes, when you have seen it, you may visit the neighbor, the Santa Barbara City Courthouse, nicknamed the most beautiful public building in the US. Wonderful saturday, without actually going places, just staying.ute