Me, Solveig

IMG_2348 enjoying

I want my photos and reflections to be a place where we can “stand and stare” together. We all have our share of cares, so lets help each other sort them out and take stock of what is truly important in our lives.

I write to keep focusing on the cornerstones of my life. I index, organize, declutter and sort to make room for love, truth, beauty and joy.

I think this is what you need to know about me, I could add that I am a married mother of four. Oh, and the dog, that’s Ruffy, you would like to get to know him! Perhaps you would like to know that we live in Norway. Could be that you would like to know that I work as a business consultant and coach for Not for profit companies and churches. And then again, maybe not. I am here to share, to listen, to stand and stare,that is all.

By the way, all photos without me are mine! If you can see me, then they are not!



7 thoughts on “Me, Solveig

  1. I haven’t visited Daily Prompt for the longest time and today I decided to read through because I posted something as well. Glad to meet you.

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