Living index – library saturday

entrance but not where you actually enter...

Entrance – but not where you actually enter…

Spring Break means going places, so as we were not going anywhere else, we went to have a look at  a beautiful place in our hometown, the Santa Barbara Public Library.  I love almost any library, everything is in order and at hand, and the more books I can borrow at the library the less books will fill my home ( in theory, that is).

Arched windows today

Arched windows today

The wonderful Spanish Revival building was completed in 1924, only to be severely damaged during the big earthquake in 1925. I just checked out old newspapers on that, they said books were falling out of their shelves at the library. Looking at pictures from the time, that must be the understatement of the year. Of course when the dust was settling the catastrophe was clear to everyone.

And this is the library after “some books fell out of the shelves”

Anyways, most of the books are back on rows upon rows of wooden shelves, free to be enjoyed, at the many reading tables or in the deep leather chairs around the enormous fireplace.

I wonder if the fireplace is lit in winter?

I wonder if the fireplace is lit in winter?

Most, but not all, there are a lot of book filled totes on the floor, why? That is the Book Club in a bag, how cool is that? The library packs a tote with 8-10 copies of the required book, reading notes and questions and extra information on the author, just collect and you are ready to host the next book club!


The library is not listed as a “must see” in Santa Barbara, perhaps because it is not enough to see it, it must be savored, in peace, with a good book. Even so, it is truly a see worthy building. And yes, when you have seen it, you may visit the neighbor, the Santa Barbara City Courthouse, nicknamed the most beautiful public building in the US. Wonderful saturday, without actually going places, just staying.ute


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