The charmed life – postaday thoughts on Freaky Friday

IMG_2830 search dog benI met a wonderful dog yesterday, Ben, look him up on Facebook at Ben Darling, so this is my story for freaky Friday.

There’s the old indian saying : do not judge a person until you have walked a mile in their moccasins. That works both ways, a sentence I read somewhere is stuck on my mind, there are no charmed lives. This author was saying do not wish for somebody else’s life. Everyone has their troubles. That is true where the charmed lives are lived too, in the fairy tales. Quite often the hero wins because she is able to work magic from humble beginnings by staying true and loyal, accepting help from friends and always acting from the core of her soul. I think that is true in real life too. There are people who answers the call to make the world a better place, working through great adversities and troubles to do so. Not charmed, but almost magic. I would like to be that way, I do want to grow wiser and kinder through every difficulty, I do want to share, to comfort and be a peacemaker. I am one of the people you could think was charmed when you look at what I have got, that most of the world will never experience. I am  one of those you could write long stories and sad books about if you knew the truths about illness, deaths and tragedy. As is true for most of us. I know I would lose my chance at living if I thought I would be better off living someone else’s life. This is my life, these are the lessons I need to go through to be the person I  and my fellow human beings need me to be.

I do look at other people for inspiration though. So here’s the thing about Ben.
Or rather about Wilma Melville. I heard about her yesterday night, we were at a HOG meeting ( For Harley Drivers). There was a guest speaker introducing us to their chosen charity, the Search Dog Foundation. Wilma was retired, a grandmother, who was present with her dog to search the buildings after the Oklahoma bombings in 1995.  She wondered why there was not enough dogs and did something about it. She started a foundation that rescue dogs from  dog shelters, trains them, find jobs for them and gives them to fire fighter and search units through the country. Her first goal is to train a dog for every victim in Oklahoma. She is getting closer.

IMG_2827 Ben and eric

That is what a charmed life is to me. That is my wish for my own life, not to despair, not to give in, but to look for solutions bigger than myself, not only on Fridays.


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