While waiting for the answers

IMG_5622 skyerWould it not be nice if we could do the math of life first, then go ahead and fill in the unknowns in the equation, and then…just sail through life? Even when it is almost unbearable to wait for an answer, a solution, for healing or for success, that is just what we have to do. I listened to an inspiring talk on mathematics some days ago, which made me write this post on going on even when we do not see the end of the road. I borrowed an expression from the lovely blog of Gleaning the nuggets, I do not think luck comes to the prepared mind. I think the prepared mind is able to glean those small nuggets, to see the tiny steps that eventually will take me where I need to go. Not being able to see the whole road before me or remembering every bend until now is not really a valid excuse for not staying on the road, is it? I think the big answers, like” is this a road?”, and “where does it take me?”, also gets answered through the tiny nuggets, the small steps.

IMG_3323 childhood church


4 thoughts on “While waiting for the answers

  1. Thanks Michelle! It was a very special day, the light was fabulous, even if it was May it was snowing, and I was back where I used to live when I was four years old, very emotional! Love, Solveig

    • Thank you Pat! I did not mention it in the post, but these two pictures are interconnected as they are taken from the same spot. Once facing the church from my early childhood, the other facing the big world, or rather the other side of the big lake, which for me at six was”abroad”. I love the spot too, even if it is decades between every time I get the chance to visit.

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