You, the people- on standing alone

I am a ‘one of a kind’ person.

Yet,as I look around the coffee shop where I am having my morning coffee, I see no duplicates of any of the persons I see, so I guess that goes with everybody? 

Nothing fancy with that.

I am a ‘take charge and let’s get this done’ person, the big sister of the world, my siblings tease me.

Yet, as I am in Washington D.C just now,the streets are teeming with suit clad people who think that is the normal way of living. 

Nothing standoutish about that.

If I feel something is unjust or wrong I try to make it right. Yet according to Karen Armstrong’s TED project, compassion is the core of all religion.

Nothing special with that.

The only thing is, I am not American, which is OK, most of the time. 

We attended a meeting with my husbands motorcycle buddies. They start out with the pledge of allegiance.

A room full of ‘guys and gals’ in black leather gear, their hands on their hearts, looking towards the flag, being part of the one nation under God. There I am, in pink cotton, not in leather, not driving a bike, and not pledging allegiance. I can feel everybody having a half eye on me. The person not wanting to share the responsibility is always a threat. The social pressure is strong, either you are one of us, or you are against us. 

To me it is not like that. It is all about being whole. The need to stand out is not a calling to be different, it is a calling to be true to yourself, knowing where you belong. At times it takes courage, daring to take the stand no one else dares to stand for. At times you just have to recognize the truth, this is who I am, this is who I am not. Co-existing is not becoming someone else, it is to keep being who you are.

Could I have placed a hand on my heart and mumbled something? Could have, but what is the greatest threat, someone being true and trustworthy, always to be reckoned with or someone changing their spots to fit in? As it is I pledge allegiance to peace and goodwill and the brotherhood of humanity, one world with God.