To sleep or not to sleep

IMG_0877 (1024x768)I did not sleep like a log, as logs sometimes move.
I did not sleep like a rock, as rocks sometimes roll.
I slept like an alpine village in a january night.
Totally silent, still and peaceful, as if snow was softly falling outside my window.

That was two nights ago.

Last night I fell asleep, only to wake an hour later.

I know why, I am jet lagged. Even so I know I have to sleep to be awake for tomorrow. Of course I do not listen to reason. I toss, I turn, I just can not sleep.

Then I tell myself, you can “notsleep”! So I do!

I do some stretches on the floor, I take a hot shower, I put on body lotion.

IMG_9401 (1024x683)I crawl back into bed and luxuriate in the stillness of the night. No one needs me just now, I am free to let my thoughts play and wander, just for fun. At times like these I have some favorite walks to relive. I meander slowly between the legs of tall pine trees in the evening sun, I walk where the surf breaks along the beach or I ski over snow-clad fields in the blue winter light.

IMG_9281 (1024x683)Strangely enough, even if I may not sleep I usually do, eventually.

At times it is not physical changes or travel that keep me awake. I have had my share of nights filled with illness, pain, sorrow, waiting or worries. I know all the tricks to help people sleep.
I guess they help others, they do not help me.

I do not read, I think sleeplessness is a gift of time to have a look at what’s already in my head.

I do not go and do something else until I am tired, I do allow my body to have its rest, even if my mind is busy.

IMG_0587 (1024x768)I just accept the fact that I am not sleeping, well, most of the time.
Tonight I just have to go to bed, before I go to sleep at my desk, and even I can not find a positive take on sleeping in a keyboard.


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