Quite ordinary holiness

IMG_6675 bare jordeI was searching for something to listen to while driving, a warm and quiet voice got my attention. “I think we hide the holiness of life in all the trappings we think is necessary,’he said. I did not get his name, but I have thought a lot of what he said.

“If you feel life is too much to handle”, he said, “start with the basics”

He went on to talk about bread and prayer.

Try to scale back, do not think about complicated meals, nourishment plans, vitamins and diets. Do not think about how every meal should be different, appetizing and pleasing.
Just place yourself together with most of this worlds population, start with your daily bread. Have a slice,or tear of a bite, eat so as not to be hungry.
Give thanks that this day also you will not starve. Realize that most of all, food is about being alive in the holiness of life, for another day. Everything else is an abundance and a God given gift, but not necessary to survive.

Then be just as simple when it comes to your spiritual life. If the Lord taught us a prayer, and told us this was how our communication with our Creator was meant to be, why do we need it to be more?
There could be other spiritual gifts and more to be had through mediation, through serving, through fellowship. “Most of us will never need more than the Lord’s prayer though,” he continued. I almost felt offended, who was he to know, if I want the luxury edition, why should I not have it?
He went on, “as most of us need a lifetime to truly rest in the trust, the forgiveness, the vast opportunities and the golden promises, in the holiness of the ordinary that is given us through this prayer.”

The most sustainable and rewarding untangling tool of them all turns out to be the easiest, just stay simple in the quite ordinary holiness of your daily bread, but eat it!


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