December 17th – sleigh bells ringing

IMG_2599 triple Christmas

Yesterday I took pictures, as usual. We went for a long ride in the mountains, which is not usual. It is when we live here, but in Norway it seems like there is a lot of important stuff that has to be done these days, which makes it absolutely impossible to take a day off and go for a ride. It is not of course. Well, there is work, but a lot of the other stuff? I have learned that living in different settings, learning how other cultures celebrate, leaving the settings we are used to, will give everything a new take. What is important will be done, what’s not, will not. The real difference is always taking the time to really discover what is important, to us, and why.

When we lived in Indiana we decided on our four values of Christmas, peace,quiet, joy and fun. What makes that happen, what celebrates that will be done, what else is not. It is a real eyeopener,to stop and ask: will I contribute to a Christmas celebrating Peace if I do this? Will this bring Joy?  There is no given what will, there is a lot of “givens” that don’t.

IMG_2527 winter california

Believe me, I know better than most how frantic and exhausting it is possible to make the season of peace and goodwill. The main story on Indexyourlife in December will be my way to a Christmas free of tangles.

In December my brother and I write an advent calendar blog together in norwegian.You may visit at  JULEFRYD or Christmas Joy. This year we will be writing or sharing thoughts and joys of gifts, giving and sharing. We will post there every day, and I will share some of that blog here on indexyourlife too.

All pictures at Indexyourlife are mine, if not otherwise stated.


2 thoughts on “December 17th – sleigh bells ringing

  1. I’m wondering if your Christmas season and preparation is simpler and easier in Goleta? I know when we have been living abroad, preparing for and enjoying Christmas was much simpler. One reason was that all those boxes of decorations or lists of traditions that had to be done were still back home. We found that we made do with a few, lovingly picked or handmade decorations. We sat and enjoyed every moment without frenzy. We took long walks and visited Christmas markets and ate long leisurely dinners. We got invited into friend’s homes and learned about and enjoyed new traditions. It was like we were re-inventing ourselves and the moment. Are you finding any of this to be true. Someday I must tell you the story of how we spent Christmas Eve when we lived in Malaysia…it ended up to be such a sweet experience!

    • How fun that you commented on this post jane, as you see it published as a mistake! No pictures, no nothing! Yes I do, learn new thing from every place we stay, I just counted that we have had Christmas in 18 different settings, which makes it important to know what I want to keep and what not, and I always learn new things!..the reason nothing was done yesterday was that Hannah took passed her driver’s license early in the morning, so we went out to celebrate. Lovely ride up to Fess Parker, lazy stroll in Santa Ynez, a movie in Santa Barbara. When we finally were home, any thought on blogs and stuff like that were gone form my head!
      I will write on values today though! love to hear about Malaysia!

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