Happy trails!

We have been living in a fairytale for a year, today we are leaving, going back to Norway. New job, new and old obligations.Things do do, expectations and possibilities.

It is sad to leave, but great to take only good things and blessings back from a whole year. To be able to say, this has been a year with only happy memories, marvelous!

And then, it is truly a blessing to have a good life to return to.
IMG_3277 to leave it 9januar


7 thoughts on “Happy trails!

    • Thank you Daena, we are safe and sound back in Norway now. Not much time for blogging yet, but one of the things I will be writing about is your card and the story about that of course! Love, Solveig

    • Thank you Charu, I will keep writing, perhaps less often, as there are some differences between having a sabbatical and working full time! By the way I looked closer at your logo to day, neat! Did you make it your self? Especially how the bee was to be seen both in the flowers and the letters!

  1. Change is hard, especially when we are very, very happy where we are. All the best with your new adventure, Solveig. Whatever happens, I do hope you continue to be able to write and post here!

    • Thank you Kate! Just now I am busy doing paperwork so that I can hire myself, perhaps I should do some interviewing first? I think not I have to believe I am the best for this job!

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