Get going

IMG_2522new start 15 januarEven the most daunting project has to be started to be finished.

I walked along Nevsky Prospect after a nice cappuccino on the Singer Cafe, thinking of all the things I would have to do to get my next project going.

As I passed the neglected, dirty, old cathedral that was closed for upcoming restoration I saw two guys in front of me. They carried some lumber and a couple of buckets and placed them on the steps of the church. I do not understand Russian, but from their faces, and from the way they straightened their backs and brushed dust of their hands I knew they thought the work was well underway now, they had started had they not? As I had seen other glorious and completed restoration projects, I am sure they were right!

I have been thinking of that these last days, small steps in the right direction always take you closer to your goal than just thinking about the big steps that has to be taken.

This last year I have been pondering on what to call my new firm, I had not concluded, and made a much bigger problem of it than it really is. I guess I have asked at least ten friends what they think. Every time I thought up something neat, it was already taken.

Today I had a meeting with the bank to set up the business accounts and had to set the name. Small, but necessary steps. In the right direction, so now I will straighten my back, light the fire in the fireplace and tell myself that this was a good start.

The name? From now on all strategy, couching and consulting work will be done through SolVei Inc, I told you it was a small step didn’t I!


2 thoughts on “Get going

  1. SolVie Inc. I love it! Obviously it is a take on your name, but does it also have another meaning? Such a simple and sweet solution. It is so easy to overthink things isn’t it, when the answer was right there all the time…already a part of you!

    • Thank you, in norwegian the acronym SolVei goes like this Strategi Og Ledelse for Verdibasert EIerskap or in english Strategy and Leadership for Valuebased Ownership, which is my term for when you invest where your heart is, which is true also when you invest time as a volunteer or as an employee with lower salary than in a for profit setting. In a more funny take SOL means sun and VEI means road, in other words Happy Trails!

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