How ten makes three

IMG_3032I do lists, that is no secret.
The secret trick to my lists is that I don’t write a “to do” list, it normally turns out as a “do not do” list.

I make a list of all and every thought that bothers me and cries for attention, like: remember, call, fetch, buy, arrange, cancel, repair this and that and who and where.

Then I look at my list, regroup, cross out and rethink and cut it down to what really has to be done. Not to get through the day, but in a longer perspective. Suzy Welch  uses the 10-10-10 rule when cutting. What happens in 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years, if I do this or if I don’t do that? It calms me down and help me focus. I thought there was an insurmountable pile of tasks that had to be done, and then, it really wasn’t.

Then I got another idea from reading Deborah’s blog, write only three things on your list, the three things you have to do that day. All three methods end up with a short, to the point list, that has to be done. Perhaps a mixture of the three approaches is best?

What do you think?

By the way, check Deborahs homepage and her awardwinning book, Into the wilderness!


3 thoughts on “How ten makes three

  1. Lovely train of I used to hate lists, they were full of things I never did. Now I keep a small notebook with all the things that come up that I have to do. As soon as someone asks something it goes in the book on the current day’s page. And I find I feel better with it: I generally work my way through half the things on the list, the remainder get transferred to the next day and it all starts again. Thus, my list looks like a novel,: it rambles,a record of what happens each day, almost a diary.Yet it is a safety net because I know everything’s on it. A quick review every now and then keeps it a dynamic, living list, but one might even say it never really ends 🙂

  2. I like that Kate, a list that never ends is the proof that we still have plans, visions and dreams as well as obligations and someone that needs us. I usually (in my best mood..) thinks it is far better to have more ideas than time, than having time but no ideas on how to use it…I use books too, I even went bask to a paper based time manager this january..

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