A nap in time, saves nine?

IMG_4618 (1280x418)So here’s the thing, norwegians go skiing or sailing or hiking or visiting at Easter. And then they go to church, to conserts, to exhibits. In between they do crosswords or sudoko or read ( crime novels, mostly) watch tv or eat. Except me.

Since coming home from California I have been so happy doing all kinds of things to get my business started, and did not want to slow down. First a cold, then bronchitis, then pneumonia, so instead of slowing down I had to spend the last week at full stop. IMG_4600 (1280x853)

No reading, no writing, just moping at the coach waiting for some air to get down into my lungs.

Is that not often the case? I do tell my friends to take care, I do tell others that rest is essential.

I once gave a client the task of trying to do to herself what she would do for her best friend. She knew what herself in the role as her best friend needed, she felt guilty for giving it.

IMG_4610 (1280x853)What did she need? Someone to tell her to put her feet up, while fetching her a cup of soup. Why is it, that what we give without thinking to others is so hard to give ourselves?

IMG_4625 (1280x853)Today is Easter day. My big excursion was going out in the garden, considering if I should sit on the bench, taking the  pictures for this blog, and then going inside for another nap.

IMG_4622 (1280x853)And you know? Since I was in my garden last the whole world had awakened, teeming with energy and beauty, without me writing a single list, or making even a tiny plan for it to happen. To me, an allegory of the Easter Miracle, as well a reminder, nap in time!

IMG_4612 (1280x851)


2 thoughts on “A nap in time, saves nine?

  1. In my family and among my closest friends we have an understanding that sometimes we all need someone to care in a way that puts aside all of the reasoning and common sense and discussion about what is wrong, and just shows the love and concern. So when times are tough, we go up to that person, stoke the hair back from their forehead, look them in the eye and say with great feeling, “Poor baby!” Sometimes we all need to be the poor baby, the one that gets the sympathy, the care, and the understanding. One day when my niece was just a little girl, she was feeling blue but no one knew it, perhaps because we were all busy preparing for a big family event. I became aware of her talking earnestly to someone in the other room, but everyone else was accounted for, so I went in to see who she was talking to. She needed some comfort and so she was standing in front of the mirror, stroking her own hair, looking into her own eyes and with great feeling saying over and over, “Poor baby, oh you poor baby!”

    You are right, we need to give that care to ourselves as much as we give it to others. If I was there, I’d be stroking your brow and telling you what a poor baby you are…but you can tell yourself, and that would be so sweet! Get better dear friend, and give yourself the gift of time to heal!

  2. What a sweet story, and a little niece wise beyond her years! I’ll remember this, and just now I am getting to the “You’re not to bad, baby” stage! Yesterday I was able to have coffee at my sisters place and today I am at my desk! Wow! Happy spring!

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