What’s now won’t be then

IMG_7611When I woke this morning, the sun was lower than the rowan outside my window. From my bed I could see the rays illuminating small bits of bark, every branch and single leaf from below, almost from the ground and up. Specks of copper floating in the morning breeze.

IMG_7608When I woke again the sun was shining straight into the trees. The branches were black, the leaves were golden, a wonderful but still quite ordinary fall day. I tried to reproduce the spectacular light by altering my angle of shooting, no luck, the copper moments had gone.

Sometimes you just have to get out of bed to catch the magic!IMG_7621


4 thoughts on “What’s now won’t be then

  1. We have had several days of beautiful sunlight and each morning I have said that I should have gotten up and headed out with my camera. 😉 A friend and I did go out one morning so I understand what you saw.

  2. I am not a morning person, like our lovely mutual friend, BUT when I do get up early, and walk in the garden I am always transfixed by the early morning light, and how it makes everything look golden. It is at moments like that, I ask myself, “why don’t you get up this early more often?” But then, when contemplating an early morning, those snuggly covers, my soft pillow and the warmth radiating from my sweet husband seem to usually win out!!

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