Driving in LA

IMG_1680 trafikklysYou will not be able to drive in LA, it’s the craziest traffic, our friends in the Midwest told us, just as we were going to move to California.

I believed them. The first week I got my CA drivers license. Did I go anywhere? Hardly. Half a mile for groceries doesn’t count does it?

The first month I gradually drove further afield. All the way staying away from the highway, taking the very scenic route for everything.

Then one morning I was going to the doctor’s office, and I could not find it. I drove in circles, the GPS insisted I was close by, I was getting late, and suddenly I was on my way onto the highway. I stopped.

Then a police officer on a motorbike drove up on my left side. He stopped too, leaned over, and said, very quietly :You may go now….

And I did. I still did not go into LA though.

Until the last week of our stay. My husband was driving down to have  his Harley shipped and I took the car to pick him up. And suddenly I was driving alone in LA. The tarmac was just like any other paving. The signs were the same as the rest of the state, the cars behaved like cars all over the world. The sun was shining, I had the top down, and I was driving through LA. I even arrived at the shipping company way before my husband did.

I keep telling myself that story. Never let others define what you can do or not. At least give it a try! And I’ll let you in on a secret, a lot of others were driving in LA, and they do it every day….

Now, when a whisper tell me it can’t be done, at least not by me, I get my LA cup, have a sip of coffee and just go for it. You can see me on the cup can’t you!

IMG_7579 LA cup


7 thoughts on “Driving in LA

    • Perhaps we have Pat! It’s all in the eyes of the beholder, I have mede myself inspirational stories about the Starbucks Boston cup too, one with a tall ship on…

  1. You’ve moved to L.A.? Well this is the best time of the year! The weather is perfect and many times you can see the mountains. And if it has snowed, it is absolutely beautiful. Of course I’m living in Chicago now . . . . Quite a bit colder. I like your new picture. All the best in 2015! Pat

    • And to you Pat, the very best for 2015! I did only get that you were moving somewhere not why and where. We lived in California last year( 2013), now we are back in Norway. I had some health challenges this fall, and my L.A cup was my reminder of things we can do, when we have to do it. I prefer the scenic route though! Solveig

      • I have moved to the Chicago area – truly a different experience for a native Californian. L.A. was my home for the first 40 years of my life; I learned to prefer the SF Bay Area rather quickly!

        I don’t imagine Chicago is as snowy as Norway though. I have a new position as director of the Dominican Sisters Conference and need to be more centrally located. And Chicago is pretty accessible – except when the weather is bad. I call it an adventure. You can do most anything with a hat, scarf, gloves, jacket, and boots.

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