Grandmother’s organizing secret(s)

I guess your grandmother had this adage, or something like it  ‘to everything it’s own place’. I am sure it works wonders, and every clutter specialist will tell you so. In fact I use that secret…sort of. Everything has it’s own place, only every thing does not know that, at least keys are left in pockets,notes in books and eyeglasses all over. The real difference is not if things are in their place or not, but that they have a place they might be restored to. All the things I (well mostly my family) own, belong somewhere, together with stuff used together with it. That makes it easy to clear up for everyone, and supposedly easier to find things….you know how that reasoning goes. The most important secret is this though,( actually my grandfather’s and what every organizer tells you to get rid of ) Every room must have a place for clutter! And I prefer it to be a drawer, basket or some separate unit. It works, for three reasons when doing a quick clean up, everything that clutters a room goes in there, no need to think where things belong. When looking for lost things you will find them there as ( at least in our family) everyone chucks everything they do not bother to clear away properly there, most important there is a lot of “things” that it is not that easy to designate a place for and that is used all over the place.

And a fourth reason: the wonderful feeling of achievement when you tackle that drawer once in a while and reunite every sock with its mate, every pin with its cushion.


as for me…I love that feeling, and tackle my drawers and shelves both in office, home and cabin with regular intervals…bliss!

I can not clear up everything, can I?

I can not clear up everything, can I?


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