Nothing, nothing at all

IMG_0711hvorYou know all these things that should have been done before?

It is sometimes called procrastination, which makes it sound like a disease that should be cured. Immediately, not later.

Words have power, does not “reflect, thinking it through, making a plan” all sound like a much more mature way of….well, just not doing it today?

I do claim that “to do nothing” is an underestimated tool to untangle the tangles of life. I think of it as the fourway stop signs. You do not stop forever. You will go, eventually, you are just given some extra seconds to assess the situation, understand the traffic, and adjust your speed and action.

We do that, of course we stop at the line in the road. Unfortunately there is no stopping line that makes us think before we force ahead at the really important crossroads of life. We have to introduce those ourselves, perhaps some of our tangles even are created when we do not understand when to stop, when to reflect and when to go ahead?


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