Light a candle for your soul

IMG_8280 national cathedralWe were at a concert. John Hiatt were singing “Have a little faith in me”, Lyle Lovett was singing, Ryan Bingham was singing. We all lived and breathed with the music. As I do. Singing in the Choir in a big cathedral is one of the most soul centering things I ever did. I sing when I walk, when I drive, when I work.
If so, why is not Music one of my untangling tools? I thought about that last night, perhaps because I always have music in me. If I listen I will always hear which tune my soul is reverberating with just now. Sometimes I open my mouth so everybody can hear it, most of the time it is just my silent tune. When I am really troubled though, the tune sometimes stop.
That is when I have to light a candle. Lighting a candle makes me focus, this is what I need, a prayer forms, this is the most important thing, this is how my soul looks like.
So even as I light a candle as prayer, a cry for help, it is also a cry for guidance, help me back on track. Help me remember and keep doing what I need to do, help me stay where I need to be. I have not listed prayer either, as music, prayer is not a tool that I use, it is a way of breathing. When I forget to breath, lighting a candle makes me stop, rest, inhale deeply and know, not what I have to do to untangle my tangle, but how I have to live to be able to start untangling it.
How do you breath? What does your soul look like?

In November I take part in the NaBloPoMo,  in the BlogHer network. I post every day on “The Untangling Tens” what women do when life gets tangled. These are the ten tools that worked for those I have asked, what are yours?

All pictures in this blog are taken by me, Solveig Mjolsnes. This is from the National Cathedral in Washington


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