Light a candle for us

P1030619 tangled rootsWhere do you belong? Who are the us in you life? Sometimes our tangles are just that, relationships that destroys us, friends that hurt us. At other times the tangle is the feeling of being left alone when everyone else is having fun. Or it could be a dawning realization that I am not where I am supposed to be.
We are meant to belong somewhere, what we do are meant to have significance in a fellowship. We are meant to know that we contribute for the good of everybody. Aristotle even called it the true meaning of life, and the only road to happiness: I will be happy if I use my life experience to make the world better for everybody.
It does not always seem like that.
When I light a candle for us, I focus on the relations and fellowships I am part of. I look at my obligations. I light a candle to concentrate, to remember where I need to be, and to go away from the places I do not belong. I light a candle to remind myself that I am never alone, there is always a “us”. Perhaps not where I can see it, perhaps I have to search for it.

As we were hiking at the Refugio road some days ago, I saw this tree. It reminded me that to be a tree that gives it fruits for the world to enjoy, it is not enough to have roots. It is also not enough to look at those roots and examine the tangle they form. To grow, the roots need to be in the ground, on a place where they belong.

I light a candle for us, for all the fellowships I belong to, and pray my roots will be rooted where they will grow.

In November I take part in the NaBloPoMo,  in the BlogHer network. I post every day on “The Untangling Tens” what women do when life gets tangled. These are the ten tools that worked for those I have asked, what are yours?

All pictures in this blog are taken by me, Solveig Mjolsnes


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