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I am good at knowing what needs to done, even when it’s none of my business. Like how a hotel could be more friendly, how a store could be more efficient, how a church could be truer to it’s calling, how a relationship could be better, an organization more cost effective or a house better organized. Easy, and as I have experience and knowledge in all these fields, I could even be right.
I am not good at waiting to be asked though, as I seem to think the rest of humankind is different from myself and want unsolicited advice as soon as they stumble a small step form the ideal course I think they should stay on.

Then, when I see my own life from a distance, like from the other side of the world, things become clearer, failings more visible, actions more important, in short, an overview makes me think I have more then enough to improve in my own life.

It does not make what I believe others could do less important, it just makes me sure that the best kind of overview is when we take time ourselves to step aside, just for a moment, and remember the big picture. Not so much the how as the why. If that is the reason for our new years resolutions, we have to make them. If our resolutions is just adjusting steps, tweaking and polishing without really knowing or caring where we are going, then we might as well not care. If we do not know where we are heading, or where we want to go it does not really matter does it?


3 thoughts on “Overview

  1. Oh Solveig, you and I are so much alike! Now you are home, and even though we did not often see each other when you were here in California, I always knew that we we easily COULD. Now it is not so easy and you are very far away and I find I am missing you greatly. I hope your trip went well, and that you have had a chance to rest a bit and get back into the swing of your life in Trondheim gently, before you both must be back at work. When Britt Arnhild gets home from her holiday, I’m guessing the two of you will be having a lovely breakfast club, and I will be envious again that you both will be together so very far away! Give each other a loving hug from me. Lanny told me he bets Stig can’t wait for his motorcycle to arrive!! He wants Stig to send a photo of him riding his motorcycle on the Troll Road! Soon we will be leaving for our Trip to Turkey and Italy. We have now also added a day in Bolzano Italy (to see “The Ice Man”), then 2 days in Salzburg and 3 days Prague from Feb. 10 to 16. Before we go, we are going to San Jose to see the Cirque de Soleil. I can’t wait!

    When we return from our trip, we will have a little over 2 weeks before we go to Ohio for my Nephews wedding and to visit relatives of mine in the area. Then we will be home around March 20th, just in time to do our taxes! After that, we will start our ancestry investigation as the first step towards going to Germany and to Norway. I wrote down those special dates you gave me, and will keep all that in mind.

    Love you and miss you!!! Jane

    • Isn’t that just so, the joy of knowing that a dear friend is close by! As you know we loved getting to know you! We had a trip back where all four legs was delayed and had to rebook twice on the road, apart from that we are safe and sound at home and busy with all the small tasks that has not been done while we were away. Even if the kids have done a wonderful job taking care of each other, the dog and the house, there is always a lot of somethings! I did not have time to turn on the computer until today, and then only to pay for all the boxed that are to be shipped from Los Angeles! For once I am happy it is not possible to work in the garden. My real business is everything connected to getting ready to launch my new business this month. I have enough (full time) to do the next year, so that is a blessing! I will be travelling a lot as the consulting work is all over Norway, but compared to the transatlantic flights that is nothing. Your trip sounds wonderful, did you ever see the Marionettentheater in Salzburg? They perform Mozart operas with puppets, I saw Die Fledermaus 35 years ago and still remembers it!

      Stig says hello to Lanny and wants to know if he were able to get Stig’s book or if he(Stig) should send it to him ( Lanny)?

      enjoy life and happy trails when you leave! Love, Solveig

  2. We have never been to Salzburg before, so everything there will be new. We will look into the Marionettentheater, as that sounds like something we would really enjoy! Lanny says to tell Stig, that when he looked into getting the book, we was able to pull up electronic samples (previews) of the book, but was unable to ever find a way to order it. He says “YES PLEASE!!” to have Stig mail him a copy. Would you like to be on our travel Newsletter list?? Love, Jane

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