Finse, May 9th, the hash mash of truth

IMG_5269 solskinn1This has been the most “eavesdroppingly” week of my life. It is not that I do not want to listen to the person I am talking to, but I want to listen to everyone, and this truly has been a week of strange confessions to listen in to. We’re at a small hotel, surrounded by ice and snow, and in every corner, at every table something exceptional is being told.

IMG_5291småhusAre they going out for a smoke? My friend asked me. The sunburned anorak clad guy in the breakfast room is putting two fingers on his lips. No, he is telling her to put sunscreen on her lips, I tell her. Being in the lucky position of knowing the language. The other information I gathered this week is more uncertified, and I keep wondering, how often do we think we know something as fact, that never was one? I have had several test groups this week.

First the group of code experts from all over the world, there are no limits to how I am able to combine their knowledge into total rubbish.

Then the group of explorers, even inside, they are fighting the arctic winds when they share their stories. One tale taller than the other, how they survived, and how they almost not. The glimpses they give into their hearts are cruel, cold and terrible, or brave, courageous and impressive, depending on your mindset.At breakfast this morning their plates were piled with eggs, bacon, sausages and porridge, their boots stomped on the floor, and then they were off into the white.

Then the group of actors and crew, impressive to witness all the people working to get that going. Then the tidbits, on how you train a hen to play ill ( you do not, but you are not allowed to drug it without an veterinarian present). Or me, sitting next to an Academy Award winning actor at breakfast, my favorite from several films, and not recognizing her. She told me she was a french actress, and I thought she was joking.

IMG_5295solskinn3But that’s another tale, if I got that one right. For now, I am off into the mountains, as her departing salute was.


2 thoughts on “Finse, May 9th, the hash mash of truth

  1. How exciting Solveig. Reading your blog, looking at your images, makes me wish I was a fly on the wall during your week. Then I realize this is exactly what I am, though your blog 🙂

  2. You make me want to go to Finse, to the place of snow and ice and endurance testing. I bet it is almost surreal sometimes, listening to the computer qeeks…those code experts, doing their thing. Lanny is salivating at the mere thought of being in attendance with Stig. I must admit, I am an eavesdropper too. On our travels, Lanny and I make up vast stories about the people we see from the little snippets we overhear…it is one of my favorite pastimes! I had a laugh over your meeting a famous movie star…one of you “favorites”. I have had that experience twice, once in London, with Mel Brooks, who I had a 20 minute conversation with before I figured out who he was; and once in Hawaii, with Calista Flockhart. I never had a clue it was her, until my friend informed me after the fact. I think famous folk (who have been famous for a while, who are not self-consumed) actually appreciate just being treated in an everyday way.

    I think the thing I like best about your week in Finse is that you can share it with good friends AND there you are forced to just relax!!!!!

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