17th of May- happy trails through Trondheim

IMG_5356 (853x1280)Today is our constitution day, actually our bicentennial. We are celebrating, as usual, with children’s parade, music, flags, traditional food, and traditional costumes.IMG_5376 (1280x910) We are celebrating more than ever, having used the last months for public  discussions and reminders, adding depth to the values we do promote in our Constitution. IMG_5407 (1280x853)Telling each other what we do well, where we need to improve, what we have to keep, no matter what.IMG_5411 (1024x829)

Stig and me dressed in our traditional costumes and walked into town.IMG_5416 (853x1280) We enjoyed the parade, we attended the service in the cathedral, we talked to friends, now we are at home relaxing, getting ready for dinner.IMG_5418 (1024x683) I just thought I’d show you some glimpses of our day. Celebrate freedom wherever you are!IMG_5419 (928x521)


2 thoughts on “17th of May- happy trails through Trondheim

  1. You two look great! I love the hat on Stig’s head. A few days ago, on Britt Arnhild’s facebook page I saw a picture of ironed traditional blouses…the text was all in Norwegian, but I knew it meant that Constitution Day was coming! When we visit in December, you must show me your purse, as it looks like the embroidery is fabulous and I want to see it close up. Lanny wants to know what is the significance of the ribbon Stig wears on his lape?

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