What you do is who you are

A couple of times every year I see A Weird Person in the mirror, she has a mix between a lampshade and a crow’s nest on her head and looks very surprised at what she sees. That is when I call the hairdresser and tell her I need to cut my hair, now.

Even so, having got an appointment early yesterday morning, I was running late because I was doing the beds and tidying up the kitchen.

frossen bilComing out I discovered that my car was ready for a part in Dr. Zhivago, being transformed from black to pearly, glittering, frosty magic. How beautiful! I went inside for may camera before removing the ice. Then I saw the rubies in our rose hip hedge, I was so happy, and of course had to grab some shots. As I did I felt my whole being filled with wonder and joy, as I often do when I stop and stay in the moment of something beautiful.

rubinnype 2I was late for my appointment of course, which is bad, because others will be kept waiting too. I apologized and settled for a lovely talk with the sweet hairdresser who loves dogs, nature and christmas as I do.

Soon my hair was done. I was back in my garden just in time to catch the sun as it was raising, turning the hedge into gold filigree.

gullhekkOf course, we tend to think bigger when we try to define ourselves. I know for sure that I want to be a person that does good deeds, that take part in building a better world. I find the truth is that any “big deed” consists of tiny, everyday choices, that adds up to a life. What we do show our true priorities, even when our schedule tells us something else is important.

The challenge, to me at least, is to create a life where the things I just have to do, no matter how “busy” I am supposed to be, add up to something making life better for all of us. At least as long as I do not have to put getting my hair done as my top priority.

IMG_8013 filigran




5 thoughts on “What you do is who you are

  1. What a nice photo-essay. The photos are beautiful on their own, but the message that you weave between is also great. I identified with you on so many levels, especially being filled with wonder when I see with camera in hand and wanting to have meaning to my life by making life better for others.

  2. I’m so inspired by your photography of God’s beautiful creation and your sweet thoughts. May He bless your socks off today!

    • Thank you Viki, may I choose to be blessed with extra socks instead? Getting cold here! We are staying at our cabin for a couple of days, enjoying the most magic wintery day yesterday, everything covered in glittery snow crystals. You should have been here to do snow dying with me!

  3. Snow dying…I am intrigued!! Tell me more! Lanny and I are looking forward to the cold and the crystal formations. That is what I grew up with in Idaho, and always miss in California. We are planning our packing and layering, and I can’t wait for some snow! (Although I hope it will not be the kind of snow that that Buffalo New York just went through! Did you hear about that? I saw a picture taken from a plane over the city of Buffalo, showing a wall of snow, hundreds of feet high, as it swept over the town. Amazing and scary!! See you soon!

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