A new day, a new world

IMG_8083 julefuruOn friday I was in hospital. The test, to walk for six minutes without collapsing! And I did fine. I am well enough to travel, I will be well enough to start working on Tuesday. I am well enough to  live and enjoy one day at the time, which is actually the only way for all of us. We just tend to think everything is different when words like crisis, diagnosis and serious are uttered.

IMG_8087forventingFriday night we drove into the mountains to spend some days in our cabin, my husband, me, the dog and a vast unending winter sky. Celebrating new beginnings, hope and joy.

Saturday we woke in magic. I did not even wait to get dressed to start taking pictures, and it only got better. It was cold, damp and sunny. IMG_8108The fog from the lake and the river froze to crystals that covered a broad band down in the valley, then there was an equally broad band of frozen golden fall, from there the mountains were towering dusted by the first snow. Then night fell, early as it does in november. The stars came down almost to be touched, the northern light was dancing from one end of our world to another.

Filled with awe, gratitude and peace, ready for the world!







5 thoughts on “A new day, a new world

  1. These photos are so beautiful. And best wishes for you for continued health. Having our health change can shake our whole world but it seems you corner of the world welcomed you back with a glorious show. So happy for you.

  2. Sweet Solveig, This is the very best of news! Such a joy that you can walk and travel and become the busy self that you so enjoy…and just in time for your favorite season! I’ll bet you have been dreaming of your cabin, while you have been recuperating. You must have been thrilled that you were able to go and enjoy it’s coziness. The pictures of the fog turning to ice crystals were breathtaking. Today it is only 19 days until we see you again, and I am thrilled that you will be well enough for our Berlin adventure. I look forward to all that we can discover together, but most of all, I look forward to the talking and the sharing!

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